The water in the moon

Author: Xiao-chun li
Under the shining moonlight, from village to the canal, appears two figures on a small winding road, long one is the mother and the short one is me. From the village to the canal has two miles away, and need to across a open paddy field, and that season, the harvest of rice has just kept into the warehouse, mother was covered with lot of dust in these rice fields, which cultivated by the sun-light.

Empty fields, everywhere flowing moonlight of shining white, under the moonlight, frogs croaking like singing, in the night sky, fire-flies flying and dancing with their bright flash.
Moonlight quietly pouring down, landed in a tree, landed in Leaves of Grass, it falls on the mother and my head, shoulders, rolled every corner of the fields, put the entire world illuminated, also put my childish mind to illuminated. What a charming moonlight night, made me excited quite unexpectedly, and so excited me that opened throat to sing
fire-worm / illuminate the sky / fly to the West / fly to the East / … …

At the quiet silence of the night, under such moonlight , my young and childlike singing voice was far, far away, except croaking, apart from the somniloquy of the sleeping birds , between heaven and earth, only my voice, as if this whole world only belongs to me. Mother love to sing, she contains a lot of songs, children’s songs, folk songs. Mother sings very beautifully than me, but mother is on the way to the canal, not to sing, to go the canal is mother’s secret, the secret is unknown to villagers.

Only I, canal and the moon are aware of it. Holding the basin, mother was going ahead quietly, carefully, as if a feared small mammal, she was just afraid of to coincide a neighbor or acquaintance on the way to the canal.Needn’t take any long time, my mother and I could be able to come to ditch edge, this time, my songs have not finished yet, but I will stop my own singing. Since at this time, I heard another voice in singing, the voices are very familiar to me, as every day could hear it several times; throughout the summer, I myself do not know how many times I listened to it, and that canal is at singing.

Canal is singing soothing, refreshing; there is a force of bewitching, people can not help but revel, indulge, be approached. Under the moonlight, the canal water was flowing glittery; surface of the canal was curling upwards mists. Mother downed from the wharf, gently placed basin on the pier, mother did not rush into the water, and she stood quietly under moonbeam to listen to the singing of the water. Mother, unlike me; water is life for me, as soon as I got ditch, I used to dive just after casting off my underwear, nakedly, plunge into the water with a splash. But today, I can not enter the water, though, the water luring me, and calling out at me; because I have a sacred and glorious mission, the mission as mother layout – lookout for mother. I would like to protect the safety of mother, won’t let her feel a little bit of wronged and hurt. Standing on the wharf, the mother finally could not withstand the temptation of water, carefully walked down the drains, and slowly walked into the water, she gently holding up the water, clapping the joints of her hand, patted her chest with the water, slowly, and orderly doing the preparatory work before shower, enjoy the joy brought by the cool water. Mother untied the long thick jet-black braids, gently rocking her head, long black hair cheerfully spinner up in the sky. Mother bent the thin waist, and the head leaned forward, spinner black hair falls like a waterfall, “shig” and pouring into the flowing glittering water.

Black hair anxious for the moisten of the cool water as the mother do, in the swinging hands, the long black hair cheerfully dance in the cool water. I sat on the pleasantly cool ditch, look at mother washing her hair in the water, I put my feet immersed into the cool water, allowing the water blew tenderly through my toes, skimmed over my feet; at this time, breezy, in the night sky, the fire-flies circling in the air, watching, watching, my heart surged with the immense willingness to sing. Peng Xian flower / glooming squeezing/ mother misses daughter/ heart-flower glooming… … At this time, I heard the melodious songs, from the clean surface of the water, that voice is very soft, clear and moisten like water, as long as the wharf, it’s the mother singing, voice is like canal water comes slowly , unconsciously, I was drunk hearing it. At the melodious voice, mother’s body merged into the water gradually. The speed merge into the water is very slow, I do not know whether the water was too cold, or unwilling to break the calmness of it, she slowly entered downward, water had filled the mother’s legs, over her waist, the clothes rousing up slowly, slowly become a blooming flower in the water, a lotus under the moonlight. Such a beautiful flower, at the moment of flower opening up the moon flashed a dazzling radiance, and entire wharf as bright as the day-time, I heard the whole canal water started to sing together in unison. Mom stood up in the water, she has taken off the thick layer of the old cloth-shirt, in the moonlight, and Mom was half-naked and cool water beads at the mother’s body, like pearls flashing light.

Mom’s pitch-black hair wetly hanging on her bare shoulders, which makes the mother’s complexion, looks whiter, the mother’s chest stood tall, plump, white and perfect. That’s the forest from where I have grown up, and the source of strength of my life. That’s the most familiar thing for me, the warmest; I kept sucking it with mouth since I born, and it’s the closest place. Due to so many years have passed, it has become strange and unfamiliar to me, so strange that let me feel a little bit shy, but I do not know why I felt shy, in fact, I also can not determine in the end whether I feel shy or other sort of feeling, at the moment of seeing mom’s Carcass, eyes wandered away; I am eight years old, and eight years, my eyes departed from the carcass’s of my mom has been a long time, but my wandered eyes soon free to return to the mother’s body, mother’s body is that beautiful, as if it’s an invisible hook, firmly hook me. I saw that mom is so happy that she completely ignored my existence, and look self-assured, just like a child play in water, she lifted the cool water by hands and irrigated on her own body, cool water flows down from her back of the neck, flows through the deep cleavage, and flows towards the flat stomach, and finally rolled into the drains, just like a small mountain stream; mother scattered the water up in to the air, due to arms were brandishing, her erected breasts were trembling cheerfully in the moonlight, just like two small rabbits bouncing in the green grass; she happily giggle, the mother’s laughter and her singing sounds like charming, as if the clear water beads which scattered up in the air, in the moonlight, pearl-like flashing light at the surface of the water, in the moonlight, in the field running and bouncing cheeringly, but soon the mother aware of her own ” lost condition”, she suddenly stopped laughing, and suddenly lowered herself into the water, alertly measured all around. Moonbeams, just like the water; fields were quite
and none around. In the night sky, only the fire-flies were flying and dancing, only frogs were croaking “wa wa wa…..

See no one was there, and then mother confidently stood up from the water; mother laughingly came to me. At a moment, I stared blankly at the extraordinary beauty of my mom.

My mother’s figure gradually enlarged in my eyes

I stared at mother’s breasts with absorbing interest, without any blinks, I saw on my mother’s breast areola faint lap; clearly saw that two small nipples. My heart has a strong sudden impulse to rush at her arms, just like in the past with both hands grasping her breast, sucking forcedly with mouth, to have the joy that once had in the infant times, and the warm and happiness which has gone far way.
Step by step mother approached to me, so near that
I can even smell her fragrance, so near that I could touch the mother’s body, and how much I wanted to
touch mother’s body with my own hands, but when mother standing in front of me, I suddenly felt timid, and my face fevered even for the sake of ideas which appeared in my thought

I hastened to take my eye from mother’s carcass and escaped from it, as if a small goat committed
a fault, afraid the blame of the mother, and flee far away.

Son, come, wipe back for mom.

My eye pulled back by telling these things from the sky where fire-flies were flying and dancing, it’s obvious that my hidden secrets haven’t discovered by mom, which thawed my disturbed heart and calmed down again. Wipe back for mom, doesn’t it mean that I can touch my mom’s body, this happiness which come to me as a surprise, like the current hit me, and my heart became happy again. I paste my small palm into the mother’s wet back, a warm current from mother’s back, through my little palm surged all over my body, I wiped by force,
and wiped attentively, use all of the strength of my body; I’d like to wipe all the dust and sweat. Really comfortable, my son is very energetic, mother flattered me with satisfy.

I wiped the back more forcefully, finished wiping, I again put my little hand on the shoulders of mother. When my hand touched the mother’s shoulders, I was stuck dumb by the feeling.

What kind of a shoulder is this, rough and stiff,
Just like dry land. At that age, I also can not say hard, and suffering of these words and phrases, but I know that how it become this like rough and hard, and that is from each load of the rice, corn, each load of firewood, grinding pressure through carrying pole. Stroking mother’s rough and tough shoulder, looking at
goddess-like beautiful mother, in my little heart with a sudden burst of emotion, I can not help but to start handed tightly round the mother’s neck, put my own face firmly attached to the mother’s back of bright and clean…….

Under the Moonlight, drains at singing, in the voice of song, full of warmth and happy……

Translated from Chinese,



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  1. 你也会汉文吗?


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